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Czech Republic Family activities

Path of mammoth hunters, Boršice

Only one-kilometer long educational path, located in an authentic place of palatial settlement finds, presents its visitors the life of mammoth hunters. The trail was opened in September 2017 and you will find it in the forest of Chrástka in Boršice near Uherské Hradiště.
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Czech Republic Hiking

Velká Javořina hike

You may have noticed that the title of this post is missing the traditional attribute “with kids”. Even though we climbed the highest mountain of White Carpathians with one child, it would be misleading. The littlest was in the baby carrier most of the hike (I have the impression that we have spoiled her by carrying her, and she is now refusing to walk the longer ways alone :O ).

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Czech Republic Family activities

Children´s amusement rope park Lanáček Otrokovice

Our holiday stay in Moravia is approaching and our children are already wondering what we will be doing there during our week there 😉 I am glad that thanks to their good aunt, I have a good tip to where to take them. And this I´m going to share with you in this post.

Lanáček is an amusement park designed for children who are too small to climb high rope obstacles in “classic” rope climbing centers. Even though the attractions are designed for children from 3 years of age, even a little younger can handle them. Besides Otrokovice, you will find Lanáček in Brno, Olomouc, and Chomutov.

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Czech Republic essays

Aren´t the Czech colours nice enough?

When we moved to Switzerland, I was surprised to see many flags – Swiss or at least cantonal –  in the gardens, on the balconies or in the windows. I only knew this from American movies, where the flags with stars and stripes were hanging in front of every school, sometimes even in front of the houses. At first, I was wondering what they were celebrating here? Then I realized that it was more than usual habit here. Continue Reading

Czech Republic Life Switzerland

5 things that have their origin in the Czech Republic (and you probably didn´t know that)

I think that everyone living abroad is expected to learn about his or her new homeland as much as possible. Because it belongs to the general knowledge of the country’s culture, the pursuit of integration, and so on. But it can also work the other way round. If you know some friends here, you will definitely want to introduce them your native country. I know that you, my dear friends in Switzerland, are well educated and surely know more about the Czech Republic than it was once part of Czechoslovakia, its capital is Prague, we have a good beer and we are producing Škoda cars. In my today’s post, I present you five interesting features (plus one as a bonus) that you probably didn´t know come from the Czech Republic (and some have a connection with Switzerland!). Continue Reading

Czech Republic Travel

8 reasons why I love Uherský Brod

After a long time, I visited my hometown again. There was me and I was wondering why I´m so glad every time I come back to Uherský Brod. Of course, at the first place, there are family and friends, but I never miss the opportunity to walk the town and or its surroundings. A few points I mentioned in my older post “Places that I like to return to,” but today I would like to devote my post solely to Uherský Brod.

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