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Blogerfest in Prague vs. Swiss Blog Family Congress in Basel

During this year I participated in two events for bloggers. In June, it was Blogerfest in Prague, in November it was the Swiss Blog Family Kongress in Basel. Originally I wanted to write this article as a comparison of both events. But, spoiler alert: it would not work. It would be like comparing two incomparable things. Each event was different, characterized by its own way. Both were interesting, but each was designed a little differently. Rather, I try to describe both event, their programs and how I felt from participating in them.  Continue Reading

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At Röthlisberger’s Obst & Most in Ersigen everything spins around apples at the moment

One of the things that surprised us at the beginning of our stay in Switzerland was the existence of so many family businesses. Whether they are construction companies, hotels, restaurants, painting shops, garages, bakeries or family farms. This tradition was also in our country in the past, but with the rise of the communists and after the collectivization family enterprises disappeared. In Switzerland, this violent interruption of family values did not take place; family businesses have had a tradition here for decades. That doesn’t change the fact that every generation has to put a lot of effort into it again and again. Continue Reading

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Dinner at Café Fischer, Ersigen

One of the questions I´m often asked is whether we have time to have a date night with my husband when we have three children. Unfortunately, the answer is no. I have to admit that we haven´t yet tried to call a babysitter for our children while living in Switzerland. I think our sons would certainly appreciate this adventure, but our youngest is very shy (er, a strong euphemism here) in interaction with unfamiliar people. So we have date nights while being in the Czech Republic for holiday and the grandma can take care of the children during that time.

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5 things I like about Swiss Kindergarten

Recently, I wrote an article for a Czech internet portal for parents. It was an objective description of our experience with the pre-school system here in Switzerland. However, in my today’s post, I´ll allow myself a bit of subjectivity and my point of view. Because I don´t think I think everything is ideal here (and where is?), and although it may not seem at first sight, the system here has also its negatives. Continue Reading

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We´ve managed to start up our dream business only with our own capital, say the owners of Chocolate factory “Čokoládovna Janek”

Meeting with at least one of the three owners of the chocolate factory was an almost superhuman task. And not only “thanks” for me living in Switzerland. But even during that week I spent in my hometown, it seemed we wouldn’t manage to meet. Inventing and making new flavors of chocolate bars and chocolate pralines, attending chocolate festivals, radio interviews, meeting with representatives of the largest Czech internet search engine … so busy are three young entrepreneurs from Uherský Brod. Continue Reading


My happy place

After moving to Switzerland, everyone asked us how we like it here. A little weird question 🙂 How could someone not like Switzerland? This pretty, beautiful country that has amazing mountains, cute villages, great chocolate … Sure, the grouches could argue that I see everything rose-colored, that everything is not so perfect here, but for now, let’s leave it aside, right? Continue Reading

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6 children’s games for long winter evenings

I don´t know about you, but I like playing games with our children very much. Perhaps because I have pleasant childhood memories of me and my sister playing with our parents popular children´s games of that time. Nowadays, when you can find all kinds of games on the market, it´s not hard to find a game. But it´s difficult to find one that will suit the needs/hobbies of your children and being educative at the same time. Another requirement is also storage, to withstand travel.

With this post, I follow up on my recent article 6 tips for easy board games for small children and I would like to introduce you to the next 6 games our children could play over and over again.

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Living in Switzerland: 10 things you won´t find in tourist guides

Living abroad is all about day-to-day experiencing various situations. Sometimes it goes smoother, sometimes it takes time to understand tiny little things that only the locals know. During the last year of our living in Switzerland, I´ve collected more material to extend my (btw. quite successful) post Living in Switzerland: 10 things no one tells you before.  What else I´ve encountered that you probably won´t find in any tourist guide or brochures for newcomers?

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Your kids speak three languages! That´s great! – Oh, really?

I have already written for the Newly Swiss on-line magazine on how children learn a foreign language while living abroad. Of course, it has its benefits if children grow up in linguistically different environments. We, adults, can only envy them their ability to absorb foreign language. Our children (I mean the older two, the youngest still refuse to speak while we know she understands very well) speak three languages – Czech, German and the local dialect, Bärndütsch. However, there are also situations when we don´t find their multilingualism as such a great thing.  Continue Reading