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How to visit Switzerland without ruining your family budget

To take Switzerland as a cheap holiday destination, it’s almost an oxymoron. Switzerland is just expensive country, and one has to put up with this fact. However, visiting this beautiful Alpine country doesn´t necessarily have to ruin your family budget. In this post, I´ll share some useful tips, how to visit Switzerland without ruining your family budget. Continue Reading

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5 Airbnb benefits for families with small children

There have recently been a few discussions all over social media about whether it is good or bad to put restrictions on accommodation via Airbnb. In this post, I don´t intend to comment on this issue since I´m not an expert in this field. However, I´d like to share with you our experience and the reasons why Airbnb meets our needs in finding holiday accommodation as a family with three small children.
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Hiking Switzerland Travel tips

6 Tips for hiking with kids

We have never thought of ourselves as huge hikers, but after we moved to Switzerland it became one of our favorite things to do. As a family, we love the outdoors, enjoying beautiful views of the Swiss nature. Hiking is such a freeing activity, but you have to prepare carefully for it.
Therefore I have created this guide in which I share my best tips aka what hiking with 3 kids had taught me. I´m hoping it could be helpful to all active families who love hiking with their kids.

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5 tips for long car rides with kids

Another long drive of nearly 1,100 kilometers which we have in the previous two years completed a couple of times, is over now. So I think we are pretty pros on how to handle long trips with children. If you have worries from long car rides with your kids, read my tips on how to handle them. Continue Reading

Hiking Travel tips

How to dress kids for hiking

I think that we have quite spoiled our children by all those trips that we are making here. With the start of every weekend, we are asked, “And where are we going today?”. I´ll be honest here to admit, that we are not extremists and we are not going on our trips in any weather, just to have a “tick” that we have ever been outside. But when we decide to set off into nature, except for destination selection and preparation of snacks, I thoroughly prepare our clothing as well. And in this post, I would like to share with you what has proven well.

In the beginning, I would like to mention that this is not a sponsored post and I don´t earn any commission by affiliate links to the products (but I wouldn´t be angry if it were so :))

I think everybody going anywhere intuitively dresses in layers. On the Internet (e.g. here), you can learn how layering clothes should work properly, so I will not deal with it here in detail (but if you´re really want to have the in-depth knowledge how to layer clothes in cold weather, read this post). I will now focus on how we dress our kids for hiking and what works for our family.

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12 (not only Swiss) picnic essentials

I have several times mentioned in my posts, that here in Switzerland you can find so called “Feuerstelle”(places for barbecue) very often as a common part of hiking trails. We also like to plan our trips so we could roast something good and tasty for lunch. Experience has taught me what is good to take on such a “genuine Swiss picnic”, and this list I would now like to share with you.

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9 Necessities to always carry with you

With the new week and I am here with it the new post that will hopefully make you Monday more pleasant. When setting out for our trips with the children, or anywhere outside, I never forget some important (and most time-tested) things. As a former Girl Scout, I named my package MSK – “mini survival kit”, but with children, it is rather FAB – first aid box 🙂
And what’ necessities are inside and why it is good to have them with you? Continue Reading