Burlap Bubble Fall Wreath No.2

Upcycling. Or making the old new. As much as I like to buy some new fall decor sometimes, I want to think even more about how to use what we have at home. So I thought I’d take apart the fall burlap wreath I made the year before last and try to transform it a bit. In this post, I’ll show you how I went about it, and I hope you like the result. Supplies If you already have a burlap ribbon wreath at home, you have all this supplies already. If not, and you want to make a brand-new one, you will need: Step-by-step tutorial Step 1 Wrap the LED lights evenly on the body of the wreath, using a pin if necessary. Step 2 A detailed description (including photos) of how to create jute bubbles can be found in this Easter Wreath tutorial. The procedure is straightforward: cut the ribbon into 10x10cm squares. Take each square, fold it corner to corner to make a triangle, put a little hot glue, and stick together. Bring the sides together – put a pinch of glue to each corner, and fold both sides towards the center of your triangle – and here is … Continue reading Burlap Bubble Fall Wreath No.2