About me

If my face looks familiar to you, you are not mistaken 🙂 My name is Hanka and I´m the person behind the Our Swiss Experience blog.

No, you don’t really have to click frantically and verify if you’re right on the “creative” blog – wait! You really are!

But since sometimes I need to relax from writing travel blog posts and essays about our life in Switzerland, I let myself relax making various seasonal decorations or handicrafts. Okay, I admit that if I occasionally knit or crochet sitting on the sofa in front of the TV screen, I feel like an old granny, but the feeling of something forming up right under your hands is priceless 🙂

“DIY by Hanka” is my creative outlet, where I can share with you:

  • seasonal decorations tutorials (I prefer Easter, autumn, and Christmas : ))
  • an inspiration for kids´ crafts
  • an inspiration for a makeover or upcycling of things that might end up in the trash
  • the joy of my hand-made projects (knitted, crocheted or sewn)

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog!

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