Christmas DIY

Crochet Yarn Christmas tree decoration tutorial

These simple and elegant Christmas tree decorations are easy to make and look delicate and beautiful on a Christmas mantel or wintery windowsill!


  • Different colors of yarn depending on how many trees you decide to make,
  • styrofoam cones (varying sizes),
  • wooden stars and beads,
  • hook (size depending on the thickness of the yarn),
  • hot glue gun,
  • silicone sticks,
  • scissors.

How to make a simple DIY Christmas decoration step by step

Step 1 – crochet a chain

You crochet a chain long enough to wrap around the entire styrofoam cone.

Step 2 – wrapping the form with yarn

Heat your hot glue gun. I put a drop of glue on the beginning of the chain to hold it in place and then started wrapping the cone from the bottom up. For every few loops of chains, apply a small drop of glue to hold the yarn in place.

Step 3 – decorating

At the end you can decorate the trees – I used small wooden beads and stars, but there is no limit to your imagination 🙂

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