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DIY: Christmas Cone Wreath Tutorial

This year’s Advent wreath I had thought-out a long time in advance – I knew that this time I want to try to make a wreath of cones. That’s why I, bearing in mind one of my this year´s posts, was like a squirrel, and when walking with children, I carefully gathered pine cones of all shapes and sizes.


  • straw wreath form (21 cm diameter)
  • ribbon (ca 3m of length)
  • 4 pins
  • 4 candles
  • 4 candle holders
  • various sizes of cones
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • glitter powder
  • glue
  • brush


Step 1

Secure the end of your ribbon to the wreath with pins. Wrap the ribbon evenly around the wreath (so as to be slightly overlapped) to completely cover it. Pin the end of the ribbon down.


Step 2

Now attach the candle holders – ok, let´s pretend they are arranged evenly 😉

Step 3


Now comes the most important step – to glue cones on a wreath. Attach the bigger cones around the outer side edge of the wreath form. Then fill in with the smaller ones. Continue gluing your cones to your wreath form covering the front and inside edge (there I recommend to glue the smallest cones).


Step 4

To give the cones a glittery look, I brushed the outside of those cones with purple glitter powder mixed with glue. The metallic color made the wreath a little more festive for the holidays.

And here is the result.

PS: If DIY is not your hobby, or you simply don´t have time, don´t be ashamed that you buy your Christmas decorations. But I would have waited for it until after the holidays because then you can find in stores very interesting things for almost next to nothing. Like this wreath with LED lights that I grabbed in the Christmas sales in January this year. And while cone wreath adorns our dining table, this wreath is doing along with other Christmas decorations finery on the commode.


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