DIY Easter

DIY: Egg shell candle holder

It seems this year I´m unstoppable in making Easter decorations. Today I want to show you how to use eggs – the symbols of the Easter season – and turn them into candles and then how to make an extraordinary candle holder.

Materials – candles

  • clean eggshells (preferably white)
  • egg cup/egg carton
  • candle wick with metal tab
  • tea candles (preferably scented, 1 1/2 for each egg candle)
  • wax crayons (in pastel/spring colors)
  • double boiler or two pots (I used a small saucepan and a metal dish)
  • teaspoon

Materials – candle holder

  • egg shell candles
  • egg carton
  • decorative moss
  • decorative feathers
  • decorative wooden sticks
  • scissors
  • glue
  • brush
  • hot glue gun & hot glue sticks

Step 1

Carefully crack the open with a knife (top of the egg), drain out the egg (and use it for baking a cake or you favorite egg meal – do you love scrambled eggs as much as I do? ;)), clean and dry the eggshell.

Step 2

Take out wax from tea candles using a spoon, remove the wick and put it in the dish. Add pieces of wax crayon (only one color!) to tint it.

Step 3

Pour water in saucepan/pot, let it boil and then place the dish/smaller pot inside of a pot with boiling water. The crayon wax starts to melt very quickly; stir it with a spoon

Step 4

Place egg an eggshell into egg cup/holder, center wick in each eggshell. Pour the melted wax into the eggshell carefully (you can use a funnel). Let the wax harden, at least 1 to 2 hours (now it´s time to make your favorite egg meal :))

Step 5

Clean the dish with a paper kitchen towel and repeat this process with as many colors as you wish. If you don´t want to make a candle holder, simply put your candles into porcelain egg cups to decorate your home. If you want to make a candle holder, follow the next steps.

Step 6

Take an egg carton, cut the tips in the middle and turn it upside down.

Step 7

Using a brush apply a glue on the carton and then cover all surface of the carton with decorative moss.

Step 8

Using a hot glue gun attach the wooden sticks (or whatever embellishment you like).

Step 9

Take the decorative feathers, tear them apart and glue them to the holes where you can place your egg candles.

Step 10

Arrange the egg candles into the candle holder and fix them with hot glue. And it´s done! Easy peasy, what do you think?

And what about you? Are you already prepared for Easter? What are your favorite decorations? Tell me!


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