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DIY: Jute twine Easter bunnies

Today I´d like to present you my second Easter project made with jute twine. The idea is pretty similar to my last DIY: Jute Twine Easter Eggs, but in this tutorial, I´ll show you how to make cute Easter bunnies.


  • Blown-out egg shells
  • Natural jute twine
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Glue
  • Piece of beige/brown felt
  • Pink paper
  • Plastic wiggling eyes
  • Pink and white pompons
  • Nylon thread

Step 1

This step is basically the same as when I was making jute twine decorated Easter eggs. Simply take the twine and fix it to the bottom of the eggshell with the hot glue. Then spiral it the way up using the hot glue only at the bottom part.
Then you can use “normal” glue to continue spiraling the twine until you get to the top, where you use the hot glue again.


Step 2

Cut out the shape of the ears from the beige felt and pink paper. Glue the pink paper on the felt and the attach the ears using a glue gun to the sides on top of the egg.
Now you can glue the eyes, pink pompon as a muzzle (don´t forget to attach few pieces of the nylon thread as whiskers underneath the pompon) and white pompon as a bun on the rear side.

My tip

If you want to have your bunnies standing, you can first pour inside the eggshell gypsum powder/ plaster of Paris mixed with water like you can see it in the picture and let it dry.

Source: Velká kniha pro malé mistry – U. Barffová, I. Burkhardtová


So how do you like this Easter DIY project? Would you like to try it too? As you could see it´s really easy. Let me know in the comments!


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