DIY Easter

My collection of decorated Easter Eggs

As a result of coming from a region that is interwoven by traditions and folklore, and the fact that you have two sons who are given decorated Easter eggs instead of boiled eggs, there is a relatively fast-growing collection of traditionally decorated Easter eggs. In this post, I´d like to show you this collection.

Scratch Easter Eggs

Bobbin lace Easter eggs

Bobbin lace Easter eggs made by Ms.Masařová

Madeira Easter eggs

Wax Easter eggs

Lentils Easter eggs

Crocheted Easter eggs made by me

And this year my sons and my husband managed to extend my collection with these additions:

Clay Easter egg from the fair in Luhačovice

In March, I visited a local “hobby exhibition and I bought this hand-painted egg from local artist Ms. Rita Kämpfer:

Happy Easter to all of you! 🙂


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