Jumping into fall mood

I don´t know about you, but I really like fall. I mean, not the rainy and misty days, but the early fall, sometimes called Indian summer. The sun rays are no longer so sharp, and everything seems to get warmer shades. 

With plenty of colors, there come also a lot of scents – of freshly plowed fields, slowly decaying leaves, ripening fruits … And when I’m talking about fruits, for me, the symbol of fall are definitely apples. How can you know that the fall has already started in our home? Not by indoor decorations (btw. I love decorating our flat with various themed stuff), but by the first baked apple strudel. That cinnamon scent…better than thousand scented candles 😉

Fall recipes

So with the fall coming, I like to set myself to baking and trying new recipes. I´m really happy that my fellow bloggers shared their favorite apple recipes on their blogs. They´re a great inspiration for me to try. As an apple lover, I have to definitely try Apple crispsApple cinnamon protein pancakesApple harvest muffins.

If you don´t have enough apple recipes yet, here are more. My in-laws use to make apple cider every year – maybe I could suggest them to try this Quick and easy apple cider or Caramel apple cider.

Some of you may object, that the iconic plants of fall are pumpkins. I do not want to argue, but for me, it’s a love-hate relationship. I´ve tried several times pumpkin recipes. Once it turned out badly (I mean, no one in our family – except my husband – loved that pumpkin pie!), once it turned out fine (with roasted pumpkin seeds or pumpkin soup).

Anyway, I intend to try this Pumpkin pie and Pumpkin Spice Coffee CreamerAnd these frosted maple cookies too.

Fall activities

Although fall weather sometimes makes you feel like wrapping into a blanket with a hot apple beverage (what about Hot mulled apple cider sangría?), you should at least try go out and breathe that chilly fall air. And try e.g. apple picking, or other family-friendly and free fall activities with your family.

Feed Your Fall Apple Addiction

Fall decors

And if the bad weather really makes you stay at home, there is no better time for creating home decors. Let´s start with preppy pumpkin or you can decorate your windows with fall Digi leaves,

You can also try to bring fall to your home with 3 decor pieces or fall decor signs. I can´t imagine any season of the year with a themed wreath on our door or indoor walls. If you´re a DIY freak like me, try this easy fall hoop wreath, Chestnut wreath or beechnut wreath.

And how do you like to spend the fall? Do you have any favorite fall recipe or family activity! Leave me a comment!

And have a fantastic fall!

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