DIY: Jute twine Easter eggs

Although it may seem that the Easter are far ahead, I think it’s high time to start with Easter decorations. As I wrote in my recent article, in this year´s DIY I will use the jute a lot, so in my today’s post, I will show you an easy tutorial on how to transform and eggshell (or plastic eggs) into a cute piece of Easter decor.


  • eggshells (or plastic eggs)
  • jute twine
  • colored ribbons, lace, decorative items for embellishment
  • hot glue gun, glue


Take the twine and fix its end to the bottom of the egg with the glue gun. Then spiral it the way up using only a tiny bit of glue and work with ca 2-3 cm length of the twine at a time because the hot glue dries very quickly.
I recommend using the hot glue only at the bottom, where the winding of the eggshell is quite significant and the twine needs to be fixed properly. Then you can use “normal” glue to continue spiraling twine until you get to the top, where you use the hot glue again.
For embellishment, I used colored ribbons and fixed it in the middle of the egg.
Then I added a piece of lace and a small decorative item (butterfly/flower as you like it – there are no limits to your fantasy :)).

Really easy peasy, what do you think? 😉

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