DIY: Cereal box organizer #2

Fed up with the constant mess accumulating on your kid´s table? Piles of papers with their “artwork” driving you crazy? So you´re just like me! And you’re right here because today I will show you how to make paper organizers upcycling empty cereal boxes. So let’s get their stuff organized!

 This is a super easy project and won´t take you more than an hour to make it!



  • Empty cereal boxes
  • Scissors, pencil
  • Paper tape, glue
  • Wrapping paper
  • Hot glue gun & silicone sticks


How to make it:

Cut the narrower side of the box out.

Fold the box back together and fix it using the paper tape or glue.

Sketch the outlines of the box on the back side of the wrapping paper to match the size of the box.
Cut it out – don´t forget to add ca 5cm for folding.

Wrap the boxes with decorative wrapping paper and fix it with the glue gun.

Finally, glue the boxes together, because they are then more stable.

And voilà…doesn´t the table look much better? 😉



There are also other ways how to decorate your organizers. Maybe you remember my last year´s project, where I used the découpage technique. You can also use washi tapes like Jillee did.


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