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DIY: Birch twig Easter bunny wreath

Today I´d like to show you how to make an Easter bunny wreath from birch twigs. It´s easy, yet great Easter craft project and you can then use this spring wreath as a front door or wall hanger.

I´ve collected a big bunch of birch twigs recently on our playground – we have a fairly large birch tree there and lots of twigs were on the ground after a recent windstorm. Suddenly there was an inspiration because I thought of the bunny wreath idea I´ve recently seen on Pinterest.


  • Birch twigs
  • Colorful ribbons
  • Hot glue gun & sticks
  • Embellishment items: plastic eggs, colorful jute twine, sisal fiber…
  • Brown thread
  • Scissors

Step 1

Make a birch twig base – take a bunch of twigs and wrap them forming two circles. Doing it is pretty easy since the twigs are quite flexible. I didn´t even have to fix the ends together. By slightly pressing flat the second circle slightly to form a rabbit’s head. From the rabbit´s ears by bending the twigs.

Step 2

Fix all the parts together. I used a thread to connect the two circles (and then used the green ribbon for covering the thread), for attaching the ears from the back side I used a hot glue gun. Then I cut out the overhanging twigs.

Step 3

Now you can add embellishments to your wreath. First of all, I wrapped three small plastic with jute twine (I used this technique in my previous projects of making easter eggs, easter bunnies and the burlap bubbles easter wreath)
Then I gathered other embellishment items that I had at from my previous crafts projects (and easter decorations). I made a circle of a sisal fiber, then glued the small ceramic rabbit together with small flowers.
Then I made bows from colorful easter ribbons and attached all the pieces to the form.
This rabbit´s turned out well as a wall hanger, what do you think?
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