Activities for kids: Candle dipping

It was my sister who gave me the idea for today´s post topic when she asked me (as a reaction to the photographs from the local Christmas market I´d sent her) “Please, what is it that color in these tanks?”. Therefore today I would like to introduce you one activity for children, which is an essential part of local Christmas markets.

While last year our boys just stared curiously at other children making their candles and despite our encouragement weren´t willing to try it themselves, this year they haven´t let the opportunity to try candle dipping (aka Kerzenziehen) go. But their enthusiasm soon left when they realized how tedious the whole process is (to make a large candle may take even an hour!). I wanted to help them, but I failed to figure out the right trick to keep the wax on the wick.

When my husband saw our misery, he decided to rescue us and gave us his assistance. Yes, you read that right: my husband. He who distances himself from our creative activities (as he´s not at home and works hard so that we at home could still creatively rampage). But do not worry, he is not so brilliant – candle dipping was an activity at his company´s Christmas party two years ago 🙂

So he explained to us that we mustn’t leave the candle in the wax too long or it will melt the previous layers. Thus quick dip, cool off in the adjacent barrel with cold water, dry gently with a towel and the same is repeated at least ten times with one color. And then the other colors. It depends on how much colorful you want your candle. When you are satisfied with the size of the candle, bring it to the staff that it will weight it, charge, and then cut off the bottom of the candle to be flat. Cuttings still can be used for decorating the candle.

The boys proudly carried their candles, but to their disappointment, we discovered at home that, unfortunately, they doesn´t stand completely straight. Inspiration to solve this problem, I found  on this blog, so I pulled out the decorative rhinestones and ribbons, and we made nice candle holders. What do you say, how do you like our Christmas decorations? And you have an activity that you never miss at the Christmas market? Tell me in the comments!

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