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DIY: Burlap Bubbles Easter Basket

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that I enjoy making seasonal decorations. It´s a creative outlet for me. But the box, where I store all the decorations, is pretty full by now. I´m also well aware that the minimalism trend is currently very popular. It says one should not be afraid to get rid of unnecessary things. But somehow I´m quite reluctant to get rid of the things I created when I know I’ve spent some time making them. That’s why I was thinking of going another way. And I´ve decided to use my decoration differently, respectively to make something new from it. So in my today´s post, I will show you an easy tutorial how to “upgrade” the Easter wreath from the jute ribbon and turn it into a hanging decoration.


If you didn´t made the burlap bubbles Easter wreath, you must first prepare “bubbles” from a 10cm wide jute ribbon. And also wrap small plastic eggs with colored jute yarn. Then you will also need:

  • Foam wreath form (25cm diameter)
  • Florist wire (preferably thick)
  • Scissors
  • Color jute ribbon (width 5cm)
  • Fabric ribbons of your choice
  • Easter bunny (I knitted mine two years ago according to this simple tutorial)
  • Hot glue gun and silicone sticks

Step 1

From the half of the wreath, remove the bubbles and cut the polystyrene form in half.

Step 2

I bent floral wire (which will serve as a handle of the basket) several times to be sure it bears the “weight” of the basket. Originally, I thought that I would just pin it into the form, but finally, I had to secure it on the back side with hot glue.

Step 3

I wrapped the burlap ribbon around the handle so that the layers overlapped a bit. Then I secured the ends of the ribbon with pins (of course you can use the hot glue).


Step 4

Before you start with the final arrangement, I recommend first drafting where you want to place the eggs and bunny. Then, grab your hot glue gun and glue it. Finally, tie colorful ribbons around the handle.

As you could see, making this Easter decoration is really easy. You can hang the basket (or do you see the Easter egg like I do? :O) on the front door or in the interior (I hung my Easter basket at the same place where a birch twig Easter bunny wreath was hanging last year). If you liked the tutorial, I would appreciate if you shared it. E.g. Pinterest would be a great option 😉






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