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DIY: Lighted pinecone Christmas tree

Although it may seem unbelievable, even after this and last year’s creating many things from the pinecones (Christmas wreath, pinecone figures and angels), I still have a bunch of this natural material. And since we won´t have our Christmas tree at home this year (we will be celebrating Christmas with our parents back in our home country), I decided to make a smaller version of it from pinecones. So in this post, you will find a how to easily make a lighted pinecone Christmas tree.


  • styrofoam cone (height 26cm)
  • medium and small pinecones
  • brown acrylic paint, brush
  • hot glue gun & silicone sticks
  • decorative star
  • glitter powder
  • liquid glue
  • Battery operated Christmas lights called “angel hair” or “fairy lights” (2m length)*

Step 1

So that the white colour of the styrofoam cone couldn´t be seen, I painted it brown using an acrylic paint.

Step 2

After the painted dried out, I started glueing cones using a hot glue gun. I started from the top to see how much of the smallest cones I will need (though the logic would probably start from below to keep the cones nicely fit closely).

Step 3

Then I mixed two shades of glitter powder together and mixed them in liquid glue diluted with a couple of drops of water.

Step 4

Using a brush, I began to apply a mixture of glitter and glue to the tips of the “petals” of the cones. By the way, you wouldn´t believe how difficult is to take a picture of glitters! :O

Step 5

At the top of the “tree” I stuck one more cone. For the tree topper I used a star I bought in the local florist (I´ll bring you a tutorial how to make such a star with your children in of my next posts, so stay tuned!))

Step 6

As a final decoration, I threaded the fairy lights wire around the tree and secured the battery pack to the back.

Now it’s up to you where to place your tree, but in my opinion, it would be a nice centrepiece on your holiday table. If you like the tutorial, I will be happy you share it with other crafts lovers. I wish you Merry Christmas!

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    2.12.2017 at 12:32

    Its really beautiful Hana!

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