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5 Handprint Colorful Fall Trees Ideas

During our last year´s fall crafts with kids, I realized, that they find the activities where they can imprint or trace their hands as incredibly entertaining. Perhaps because they imprint a piece of themselves on each piece of work? I don´t know. Anyway, great crafts where children can use their hands are trees. And you can create handprint fall trees in several modifications. Today I will show you five handprint trees that we´ve created with the kids. Continue Reading


Jumping into fall mood

I don´t know about you, but I really like fall. I mean, not the rainy and misty days, but the early fall, sometimes called Indian summer. The sun rays are no longer so sharp, and everything seems to get warmer shades.  Continue Reading


Beechnut fall wreath

In today’s post you will find a simple guide how to make a fall wreath from natural materials. I didn´t think I would start making fall decorations so early this year, but when I sorted a box of materials for DIY, I discovered a bag full of beechnuts. I totally forgot to have them there. We gathered them last year when our parents were here to visit us, and when we walked from Gurten, the nuts literally fell on our heads. And I started throwing them into the stroller basket with the fact that they would definitely come handy some time! And they´ve come 🙂 Continue Reading

DIY Easter

DIY: Mosaic easter eggs

In my today´s tutorial, I´ll show you how to make mosaic easter eggs. It´s nothing difficult, these are eggs decorated with cracked egg shells and making them is really simple. And in this tutorial, I´ll also show you an unusual embellishment! So keep reading!


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